zondag 28 november 2010

Parkwolf travelling

December 4 and 5th you can find Parkwolf Jewels in a pop up store in Bucharest, Embryo (Ion Otetelesamu 3A). Adriana Ancuta, owner of Tuxedo Confessions, online concept store, took the intiative. I made new Robin Hood handgloves and bracelets and sent them to Rumania.

“These days, retailers are adopting the concept of a pop-up store with gusto. A pop-up store opens up at an empty retail location for a few days in a major city, or a mall, with great fanfare. And then, poof! It's gone”.

I think it is a great idea to sell my products myself, in a short time, at an improvised location, directly to people. Next year in Holland? Who’s joining me?

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