vrijdag 31 augustus 2012


I don’t know how your summer went, but for us, here in Holland, summer was realy bad and short. June has got us off to a bad start to our summer with rain, dark weather and low temperatures. We had one tropical weekend, that's true. 

And now it is September, days are getting shorter and at night I can feel the autumn chill already. In the evenings when I do my daily Pinterest routine, lots of autumn/winter 12/13 fashion photo’s are passing by. Dark warm colors,  rather beautiful. Lots of khaki, dark red, dark blue and black.

But I don’t feel like winter! I want sunshine and more holidays. I want dinners in the garden and long walks along the sea. I am not yet ready for the fireplace!

How about this idea; ignore dark colors and wear exclusively clothes of J. Crew.

Or stay to that lovely summerlavender blue even when autumn storms explode. Wear this coat of Cacharel!

Some more possibilities to keep winter away; playful outfits by Tsunobi Chisato.

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zaterdag 18 augustus 2012

MORE LEMON; Dutch leather bracelets

I was suprised finding a Dutchman on the internet who admired the lemon peel. My head full of Limoncello leather bracelets that I just made, I was searching for images for my Pinterest page when I stumbled across Pieter Claesz.

Pieter Claesz was a Golden Age still life painter. He often painted food and drink with some pots and pans. He must have admired the tasty, aromatic, whirling peel with that luminous yellow color just like I do. The lemon peel dances and brightens up the whole painting. It makes me thirsty!

Google tells me that citrusfruits were dedicated to Venus, the ancient Greek goddess of love. Particularly the lemon symbolises sour love and false friendship. Lemons were also used to flavor sweet wine, just some little drops, so it also symbolises moderation.

I don’t believe any of it. The food captures an exotic atmosphere of the south, the blessing of sun ripened fruits. It seems to me that the subject is good taste, refined pleasure and contentment with the plainest things of life.

Although Pieter Claesz is Dutch, the lemon yellow color remains mediterrean for me. I ask myself if I can make typical Dutch leather peel bracelets. And I promiss you, when summer is over, I am going to design potato peel bracelets! Based on another Dutch painting; Potato Eaters by Van Gogh. 

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woensdag 8 augustus 2012

Lemon leather bracelets

The best time to make Limoncello, a sweet lemon liqueur, is right now while there's a glut of lemons and they are dropping off the trees!
Don't forget to wear an original handmade lemon leather PARKWOLF bracelet while peeling the lemons!

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zondag 15 juli 2012

Homemade Limoncello

My newest project; yellow leather bracelets; Limoncello.

"Zia Maria" Original Limoncello Recipe
The Ingredients
•   8 organic (yellow) lemons.
•   A bottle of 75cl of pure grain alcohol (from 70% to 90%). Everclear should be your best option (if allowed in your State)
•   3 1/2 cups of white Sugar (about 25 oz).
75 cl of Water.

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zaterdag 16 juni 2012


This is how I felt, like Little Red Riding Hood walking in the dark woods of webshop issues. I have been very busy these past months designing and creating my new webshop. At a certain point I got the impression being swallowed up by the Big Bad Parkwolf.

To make a long story short, all ended well; the new webshop is born: www.parkwolf.com!

It has become a bright webshop, full of surprising jewels. Some collections were published before, some are new, like Knot your Tie or Serpent. Photo's of my favorite landscapes, storytelling spots where I often stroll around, depict the atmosphere of a collection. 

Philosopher's valley; Collection Knot my Tie

To give you an example: White Snake, one of the new jewels from the collection Serpent. This long necklace made of watersnake leather, has metal rings and studs, a handknotted string of light grey sweet water pearls, a 835 silver vintage connector and a nice pink fire agathe. Visit my webshop and read the legend of the White Snake.


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zondag 20 mei 2012


Spring, the one thing that makes me happy. Walking outside with no coat, wearing a flirty, flowing, hip-swinging fifties corsetted flower dress.
Well, that's to say.......... I don't have to wear it myself. My heart makes a little jump when I see such a beautiful dress when I lose myself into a colorful magazine on a cold rainy day in May and admire latest fashion items. I often use this activity as ultimate mood transformer and inspiration for my jewelry. Not seldom this disappearance into another world leads to dreaming of wealth and beauty.

Traditionally flowers are used as a metaphor for beauty and unconcerned happiness. As in this antique Russian video;

What a happiness! What a promise of wealth and freedom! Mark you; we are talking about the fifties here, the period after the war in Russia. I don't say that everything was rosy in the garden then, but the overall picture represents hope; when we all dance and sing together, when we all have the same purpose in life, then we will open ourselves as flowers in spring and we will be happy.
With a heavy heart I feel that we will never have such simple hope again. We know too much. The world is not happy at the moment.

Maybe that's because nowadays fashion designers, against their better judgement, try to reinstate the power of the flower. Yet, the critical eye percieves in the youthful appearance of an exuberant flower pattern fruits and veg; the adult stage of a plant's life.

Dolce & Gabbana

It gives me a shock. Indeed the fruits and veg adds the atmosphere of mother's kitchen to the poetic image of the flower pattern, some healthy smell. That's reassuring. But isn't it mother's kitchen where the preparation of the next stage takes place? The stage of decay?

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maandag 13 december 2010

Time for Trends

"As of spring 2011 the military fashion trend will have been with us for over a decade. And for that decade it's been great, we've loved it, but 10 years later we have to admit: spring 2011 is the time to move on. The question is: what do we move on to? The answer: the trend that's been living in its shadow, waiting for its moment of glory. And for spring / summer 2011 it's going to get just that because here comes the biker trend."


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zondag 28 november 2010

Parkwolf travelling

December 4 and 5th you can find Parkwolf Jewels in a pop up store in Bucharest, Embryo (Ion Otetelesamu 3A). Adriana Ancuta, owner of Tuxedo Confessions, online concept store, took the intiative. I made new Robin Hood handgloves and bracelets and sent them to Rumania.

“These days, retailers are adopting the concept of a pop-up store with gusto. A pop-up store opens up at an empty retail location for a few days in a major city, or a mall, with great fanfare. And then, poof! It's gone”.

I think it is a great idea to sell my products myself, in a short time, at an improvised location, directly to people. Next year in Holland? Who’s joining me?

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donderdag 28 oktober 2010

Good Night...

I just finished my new collection: Night blues. Night Blues jewels are made for the night. Wherever you go, the stones will give a glow to your night and the lizard will spice it up.

I'll post more next week when I'll have them photographed.

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maandag 18 oktober 2010

May I present to you......

Since Octobre Parkwolf Jewels are promoted by tuxedoconfessions.com I am very proud to find my jewels next to the smart urban street-wear of Camilla Wellton, next to the funny unnecessary objects of Mitemite and the beautifull trousers of Tahir Sultan.




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