maandag 28 juni 2010


Last week I organised all my treasures. I selected the most beautiful pieces and put them in large drawers. Now I can see them all in one glance. It inspires me to make new combinations.
Right now, I'm also inspired by the new Prada and Vuitton dresses

Louis Vuitton fall fashion show:

I think the dresses would combine very well with stone beads and pearls, that are in the bottom drawer. I selected the bright summer colours and lay them out om my 'jewels to be' table. A good way to puzzle on combining them with new elements.

I hope to present the first finished piece in this collection in my next blog!

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  1. Bärbel6/29/2010

    Leuk weer om dit te lezen! Ben benieuwd wat je bij de outfit bedenkt, mooie creatie van Vuitton. Stijl spreekt me erg aan....