donderdag 26 augustus 2010

Heavy duty necklace (meneernouwen design)

Last month I got annoyed about my studio. Too little space? Too much stuff? Too chaotic?

My working method is like an adventure. When a new idea becomes a project it means a new gathering of materials, different tools and often a new organization of my space. And now the initial clear arrangement has gone. So; I started a major studio reorganization project.

I consulted my friend (after all I share my atelier whith him) and we came to a well planned scheme. We exchanged rooms, we cleaned up closets, we dragged away all sorts of things, drove several cars filled with junk to the recycling center, we made racks, tables and painted walls. This week we started, next week we will stop. We aim to have realized by then; a silversmithworkplace, a mood board with display table, one shared workstudio and a heavy duty photoworkplace for meneernouwen.

I hope my next blog will deal with my newest jewels!

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