donderdag 30 september 2010

I used to be Russian

When I was a girl I had a beautifull wide red cotton skirt with richly colored decorated bands at the seam. It was made by the sisters of Casa Nova, a nunnery where my mother followed sewing classes. I felt like a gipsy in it.

I believe, if I had a previous live, I probably was russian. If there is one country to emigrate to it would be Russia for me. Then I would be a country woman. I would make clothes following old principles; simple patterns, lots of tissues of various patterns, lots of bright colours. And of course, all handmade!

It never came true. I’v never been in Russia. My longest eastern trip was to the Czech Republic. Beautifull though!

Yet I make colourfull jewels that show my liking for folklore. Can you imagine that I could not believe my eyes when I saw at Google:
I was very happy!

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