zondag 20 mei 2012


Spring, the one thing that makes me happy. Walking outside with no coat, wearing a flirty, flowing, hip-swinging fifties corsetted flower dress.
Well, that's to say.......... I don't have to wear it myself. My heart makes a little jump when I see such a beautiful dress when I lose myself into a colorful magazine on a cold rainy day in May and admire latest fashion items. I often use this activity as ultimate mood transformer and inspiration for my jewelry. Not seldom this disappearance into another world leads to dreaming of wealth and beauty.

Traditionally flowers are used as a metaphor for beauty and unconcerned happiness. As in this antique Russian video;

What a happiness! What a promise of wealth and freedom! Mark you; we are talking about the fifties here, the period after the war in Russia. I don't say that everything was rosy in the garden then, but the overall picture represents hope; when we all dance and sing together, when we all have the same purpose in life, then we will open ourselves as flowers in spring and we will be happy.
With a heavy heart I feel that we will never have such simple hope again. We know too much. The world is not happy at the moment.

Maybe that's because nowadays fashion designers, against their better judgement, try to reinstate the power of the flower. Yet, the critical eye percieves in the youthful appearance of an exuberant flower pattern fruits and veg; the adult stage of a plant's life.

Dolce & Gabbana

It gives me a shock. Indeed the fruits and veg adds the atmosphere of mother's kitchen to the poetic image of the flower pattern, some healthy smell. That's reassuring. But isn't it mother's kitchen where the preparation of the next stage takes place? The stage of decay?

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