zaterdag 18 augustus 2012

MORE LEMON; Dutch leather bracelets

I was suprised finding a Dutchman on the internet who admired the lemon peel. My head full of Limoncello leather bracelets that I just made, I was searching for images for my Pinterest page when I stumbled across Pieter Claesz.

Pieter Claesz was a Golden Age still life painter. He often painted food and drink with some pots and pans. He must have admired the tasty, aromatic, whirling peel with that luminous yellow color just like I do. The lemon peel dances and brightens up the whole painting. It makes me thirsty!

Google tells me that citrusfruits were dedicated to Venus, the ancient Greek goddess of love. Particularly the lemon symbolises sour love and false friendship. Lemons were also used to flavor sweet wine, just some little drops, so it also symbolises moderation.

I don’t believe any of it. The food captures an exotic atmosphere of the south, the blessing of sun ripened fruits. It seems to me that the subject is good taste, refined pleasure and contentment with the plainest things of life.

Although Pieter Claesz is Dutch, the lemon yellow color remains mediterrean for me. I ask myself if I can make typical Dutch leather peel bracelets. And I promiss you, when summer is over, I am going to design potato peel bracelets! Based on another Dutch painting; Potato Eaters by Van Gogh. 

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