vrijdag 31 augustus 2012


I don’t know how your summer went, but for us, here in Holland, summer was realy bad and short. June has got us off to a bad start to our summer with rain, dark weather and low temperatures. We had one tropical weekend, that's true. 

And now it is September, days are getting shorter and at night I can feel the autumn chill already. In the evenings when I do my daily Pinterest routine, lots of autumn/winter 12/13 fashion photo’s are passing by. Dark warm colors,  rather beautiful. Lots of khaki, dark red, dark blue and black.

But I don’t feel like winter! I want sunshine and more holidays. I want dinners in the garden and long walks along the sea. I am not yet ready for the fireplace!

How about this idea; ignore dark colors and wear exclusively clothes of J. Crew.

Or stay to that lovely summerlavender blue even when autumn storms explode. Wear this coat of Cacharel!

Some more possibilities to keep winter away; playful outfits by Tsunobi Chisato.

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